Let’s Talk

Latest addition : September 9, 2009

Let’s Talk Parent Dialogue…
because our kids’ decisions about sex depend on what they know

We in GPRHE would be happy to come to a PTA meeting, a meeting of concerned parents, a meeting of friends and neighbors, in your home or your book club and discuss Talking about sex with your kids or Everything you need to know about sex education and more. Sign up below or download the Let’s Talk form and send it in or you can contact us directly:
Georgia Parents for Responsible Health Education

We can tailor your event to suit your needs
If you can’t find what you need on the menu below, talk to us and we will see what we can do. For larger gatherings, we are happy to provide a combination of subjects. Our programs run from one to two hours.
Our backgrounds are as parents first and foremost, and one of our main speakers is a longtime PTA activist, and member of the DeKalb County Health and PE Advisory Committee, and recently also of the CDC Panel evaluating comprehensive sex education and abstinence-only education; another of our speakers is a parent with medical, public health and research experience in reproductive health.

“Let’s Talk” Subject Menu

  1. Talking About Sex - with your kids, in front of a group of fellow parent, or the School Board…Members of GPRHE can provide insights, information material and tips for all these occasions
  2. Real Life. Real Talk.® Planned Parenthood of Georgia offers this program to support all of us in having “the talk” with our children. They bring excellent advice, brochures, answer questions, and make all of us feel ready to have a frank talk with our kids about sex.
  3. What Can I Do In My School - Members of GPRHE tells our story and ask questions about your school system. We do the homework and come prepared to share with you the administrators with whom you can speak, and contact information for your school board members. We share our own concerns, successes, and struggles, and we want to hear yours.
  4. Sex Education - How could abstinence-only-until-marriage sexuality programs be bad?! Which kind of sex education is most effective? How to choose a sex education curriculum? Information and statistics gathered by researchers will be tailored to your Georgia county.
  5. Reports from the Trenches - A professional who works with our kids every day shares the questions and stories she/he encounters when talking to our kids about sex.
  6. Learn to be an Advocate! - Hear our advocacy expert give tips on working locally and statewide for quality sex education.
  7. GPRHE Book Club - on sex education or talking with kids. We can tailor it to your needs & join you when you need us