The GPRHE Toolkit

Latest addition : September 7, 2009

We believe that there is a basic TOOLKIT of information that every parent needs when setting out to talk to other parents, teachers, principals or the school board.

We have put together this TOOLKIT with information & action sheets, most of them only 1-2 pages long. Some of the materials are from external sources, but many are our own. The GPRHE materials are the fruits of our experiences at Shamrock Middle School with sample letters and information on who to speak to, the laws and regulations governing the teaching of sex education, etc. We have also put together statistics for Georgia and some local counties on teen pregnancy and STD’s, using data from the Georgia Department of Human Resources.

If you would like us to make an information sheet for your county, please contact us and we’ll do it!

You are welcome to download, print and use any of these materials.

If there is something that you can’t find here, go to the Resource Section which has even more information material from many different sources that we have discovered or created during our journey since 2004…

To make it easier this section has been organized by topics. GOOD LUCK!